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Heralding the message, neat-ly

Heralding the message, neat-ly

The more intriguing the design, the more audience it will attract. A great design makes an impact on the customers, leaving a good first impression. Clear and clean layouts are very on trend as they capture the attention with finesse and particularly suit Millennial tastes.

While this trend is an extension of minimalism, it allows incorporating far more personality, warmth and fun. It’s a cross between simplistic, luxurious and calm aesthetics.

It most often features mild dabs of colour, pastel palettes, experimenting with spaces and an overall immaculate theme. This specific design trend lets the creator play around with text. Selected typography makes for easy readability and is much more appealing to the consumer.

Beautifully structured and inherently satisfying, these designs are heavily typography dependent. Instead of using exaggerated or ornate typefaces, it uses type to optimise information with the use of type.

Typographic design can use fonts, size, shape and colour schemes to experiment with; and this particular trend is extremely efficient in conveying the message in a visually appealing and clutter-free, hence minimalistic manner.

A monochromatic palette that uses hints of silver foil to accent the packaging, elements drawn from the brand story, spaced out with clean type, the Cutty Sark gift pack is a beautiful example of structured layout.

The design is not only charming but also has a sense of balance that is soothing to the eye. The pop of yellow is synonymous with the youthful narrative of the brand and features elements that are descriptive of Cutty Sark through years.

Another example of neatly structured layouts is the packaging of the international kombucha brand, La Luna. Based in the US, they are known for their authentic crafted drinks and teas.

The packaging is clean, dominated by contrasting accents that help to stand out. The typeface is balanced and uses negative space to structure the information.

The key to great design is to keep it simple, prioritise information and let the design do the talking. Eliminate repetitive information to keep from smothering your audience and further confusing them.

With brands understanding the importance of packaging to influence consumer decisions, it is important to work towards bringing relevant trends to life. Build a connection by telling your story through packaging design and reach the next level!