India’s first blue gin is in

India’s first blue gin is in

Clearly Good Gin is India’s first pre-mixed gin and the world’s most affordable gin at a mere Rs 244.99 (Goa). This product was created by 25-year old entrepreneur Shubham Khanna, who also invented India’s first craft hemp gin, GinGin.

Clearly Good Gin is manufactured in Goa, and is scheduled for release soon in Maharashtra and Karnataka.

Clearly Good Gin is distilled eight times and vapour-infused with 15 botanicals. The botanicals used to infuse the gin come from all over India, such as Himalayan juniper, coriander seeds, black pepper, cinnamon bark, Indian green chillies, and butterfly pea, flower plus a secret citrus blend.

This product has a signature blue tint to it, which results from the butterfly pea flower, one of the botanicals used to infuse the gin. The addition of a blue pea flower also makes the gin change colours to a light pink when one adds tonic water or anything citrus to it!

To make the brand more approachable and to stand out, the gin is bottled in a hip flask. It is the only craft gin available in India with a smaller footprint of 350ml.

Its predecessor, GinGin is a single-shot, vapour-distilled gin which consists of nine botanicals, including hemp.