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IST seltzers go gluten-free

IST seltzers go gluten-free

Indian Standard Time (IST) has rolled out two fresh and diverse taste profiles with exotic combinations of 100% natural flavours in its seltzers. Offering an alcohol content of 5% ABV, IST seltzers deliver the pleasant effects of a beer in a guilt-free manner: in just 99 calories, 2 gm of sugar and a gluten-free concoction!

IST’s Grapefruit Smash is backed with hints of pomegranate. Its Lime Smash is backed with Chardonnay. Both are currently available in Goa, priced at Rs 120 for 330-ml bottles and cans.

The launch of these seltzers rides on the back of business and social disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, which blurred the lines between work and home. Many consumers brought the bar home, retiring to their rooms with a much-needed tipple after office hours.

Others saw this as an opportunity to cut back on their drinking for health reasons, and voluntarily decided to give intoxicants a backseat. Seltzers tick all these boxes.