Aryan Khan launches premium vodka

Aryan Khan launches premium vodka

In a first-of-its kind partnership, AB InBev India has partnered with Aryan Khan’s (son of Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan) global luxury collective, Slab Ventures, to roll out D’Yavol, an ultra-premium, black-pearl-filtered vodka.

An amalgamation of heritage and exceptional quality, D’Yavol is a single-estate liquid made from 100% winter wheat. It is a mellow, well-rounded spirit with a subtle flavour profile.

Beyond the mandated charcoal column filtration process, the brand has refined its liquid using black pearls to deliver an unmatched smoothness. The bespoke grain-to-glass production cycle lends the liquid an unparalleled spirit of purity.

Packaged at 40% ABV in 750-ml bottles, it sells for Rs 5,000 in Maharashtra, Rs 6,500 in Karnataka and Rs 4,000 in Goa.

It will be released shortly in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, West Bengal and Telangana. Aryan is co-founder of the Netherlands-based Slab Ventures, along with Leti Blagoeva and Bunty Singh. For more information, write to