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Kati Patang ‘breaks free’ in Bengaluru, Delhi

Kati Patang beer available in Bengaluru and Delhi

Kati Patang is a new Indian craft beer brand that you’ll see behind bars (of the cheerful kind!) and on shelves at liquor outlets across Bengaluru and Delhi. The company recently launched its Zesty Amber Ale, contract brewed at Ser Bhum Brewery in Bhutan.

The advantage of brewing in Bhutan is access to the purest Himalayan spring water that needs no further treatment and which enhances the flavour of the beer.

Kati Patang is available at most liquor stores in Bengaluru (Rs. 200 for 330 ml) and Delhi (Rs. 170 for 330 ml) and in select bars. The Belgian Wit variant will be out soon.

  • Appearance: Pours amber, with great clarity, good carbonation, and excellent head retention and lacing.
  • Aroma: Caramel and nutty notes from the malt dominate with a fruity aroma from the hops used.
  • Flavour: Light to medium-bodied, with a tinge of sweetness, caramel, nutty notes from the malt; but well balanced by the hops. This results in a short bitter finish.
  • Impression: Easy on the palate in terms of bitterness and plenty of malt character, and is hence true to its style.

Since the name Kati Patang (unfettered kite) stands for freedom, the theme of the get-together was celebrating the freedom of ‘breaking free’ from one’s inhibitions and immersing oneself in one’s passion(s).

The founders, Shantanu and Lata, themselves broke free from normal corporate jobs in the US to go full time into craft beer!

The Old Fashioned Bar is known for its signature cocktails, is good for pop-up events, and its location is fairly central. The Kati Patang team worked with the kitchen staff at The Old Fashioned to choose a selection of bar bites that paired well with the beer. There was a selection of appetizers that were Indian, Asian and Continental.

Two talented artists painted the wall with the Kati Patang colours and design. It was used for several photographs by the 50-odd guests, and also served as a great talking point during the event.

An illusionist went on to bend glasses, spoons, broke bulbs and did all kinds of mental sorcery that night. The guests – beer enthusiasts, socialites, a few bloggers and friends – were, obviously, all in awe!