Living it up at Liquidz Mansionz

Living it up at Liquidz Mansionz The Tasting Room allows visiting customers to ‘try before you buy’ concept in retail services.

Want to spend your day in a luxury lifestyle experiential bungalow starting out with a cuppa coffee, followed by a delectable Asian meal, and concluding with a decadent drink at a world class tasting room?

Yes, it is possible at the exclusive Mansionz, a bungalow housing an American brasserie, a popular oriental cafe and dimsum heaven, a speakeasy bar, a luxury spirits and wines store, and a tasting room!

Launched recently by Living Liquidz in Lower Parel (Mumbai), it is positioned right next to Kamala Mills compound, the bustling business and entertainment district in the metropolis.

Designed by award-winning architect Sumessh Menon, Mansionz is an iconic standalone multi-level mansion with larger-than-life facade of timeless classic arches with a modern touch of corten steel finish.

The Liquor Lounge is a one-of-a-kind liquor store with seductive backlit granite and terrazzo flooring, beautiful vaulted ceilings with acoustic cladding and visually appealing terracotta blocks that lends warmth to the space.

A striking courtyard area and a double-height sweeping staircase that leads to the Tasting Room only add to the grandeur of this uniquely indulgent lounge. It retails exclusive international alcohol and beverage brands in wine to beer and fine spirits, with fine food for accompaniment!

While you can always purchase a bottle to take home to enjoy at your leisure, the Tasting Room was designed to transport visitors to the New York-style tasting rooms, where one can sample a few whiskeys and gins before settling on the one you want to drink there or take home.

The friendly sommeliers and bartenders take you through the art and science that went into the creation of the fine spirits you are imbibing and offer you food pairings and variations.

The concept behind Mansionz is to marry the culinary experience with a great beverage pairing and the only way to accomplish that is to allow people to sample many and settle on the one they want to go with.

The Tasting Room doubles up as a luxury gift store, with floral options, cheese platters, candles – or even your gifting bottle engraved with your friend’s name!

“Our format allows visiting customers to ‘try before you buy’ concept in retail services,” says Craig Wedge, the experienced and widely-travelled Head of Operations at Mansionz.

The American Brasserie is a specialised cocktail den and gourmet food kitchen that fuses a contemporary NYC aesthetic with classic old-world Americana. The food menu includes avocado toast, truffle fries, hand-rolled pastas, freshly-baked sandwiches, buffalo chicken wings, baby back ribs, wood-fired pizzas and hot fudge sundaes.

Next in line is an environment-friendly, award-winning Asian street food restaurant that has already made its mark in Goa, New Delhi and Kolkata. It brings fresh, authentic South-East Asian street food from Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Myanmar, Japan and the Philippines.

All the dishes are prepared using farm-fresh ingredients, freshly-ground spices and herbs to bring out the robust flavours of the cuisine. The menu has low-calorie, vegan and gluten-free options, while preserving the authentic goodness of each dish.

Visitors can lounge around at a speakeasy after a meal and throw back a couple of custom-made in-house Clap beers. Marked only by an unassuming phone booth, patrons type in the entry code to access some of the finest cocktails available.

Fifteen years of growth and experience made Living Liquidz launch the popular Living Liquidz App in the midst of the disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Today Living Liquidz has grown to 60 signature stores across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Palghar, Raigad, and now Bengaluru.