London Hill comes in pink

London Hill comes in pink

Made at Langley Distillery, one of England’s foremost traditional gin distilleries which can trace its roots back to 1785, London Hill Premium Pink gin is produced by re-distilling the finest neutral grain spirit with a “mash” of selected botanicals.

London Hill Premium Pink gin is made to using the traditional copper pot still, ‘Jenny’, and a traditional recipe comprising of a blend of juniper berries, angelica root, coriander seeds and strawberries. The individual botanicals are first macerated with grain-neutral alcohol for many hours before being distilled.

The result is an enticing balance of classic botanical notes, blended perfectly with the warming aromas of spice, fresh pine and sweet strawberries to create a supremely smooth and flavoursome gin.

Clean, crisp and dry, London Hill Pink’s refined flavour is simply the epitome of the London Dry style gin. It is best served with a premium tonic, or as a base to Prosecco cocktails.

London Hill Premium Pink gin was recently launched in Goa and Haryana in 1-litre packs (43% ABV), with plans to introduce it in New Delhi, Maharashtra and Rajasthan.