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Mixers have hustled up drinking patterns

Mixers have hustled up drinking joy

Kasturi Banerjee, Founder & Director, Stilldistilling Spirits

The one thing you’d like to change about the Indian market?

The taboo around the consumption of alcohol. Also, the lack of opportunities for women bartenders in some states due to their laws.


Who do you think sets drinking trends in India?

I think the growth in the mixer category has positively affected our drinking patterns. Gin&Tonic has already set a trend?.


What is the most overrated drinking fad/ drink in India at the moment?

The changing consumer palate appreciates the taste of bitters. I often find people drinking bitter drinks, also thinking they are cutting on sugar intake.


What’s the next big thing for India?

Flavoured rum with character.


What’s the best motivation for your team?

LOL – any activity involving Liquids on the Lips. Also, the amazing consumer response after our tastings!


Which is your favourite liquor brand ad campaign?

Kingfisher Premium ad.


Which is your favourite bar in India and why?

Petisco in Goa. The whole experience is just unique!


Which of your competitors gives you sleepless nights?

Only bats – they stay awake at night!


The one fictional character you’d like to have a drink with…

Spiderman! No more waiting in queues to fetch drinks!!


If you were alone on a desert island, which drink would you want with you?

Rum with coconut water that is locally available on the island.