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Looking for Purrrfection

Since the beginning of mankind, the quest for perfection has been a driving force in the lives of many. They obsess over it even. Within themselves, in things around them, and in what they do, often mistaking it for a pathway to fame and happiness.

Of creating ultimate brilliance that will catapult them into an unreal world. Quite often they lose sight of the big picture in this wild goose chase.  Funny thing is the perception of perfect is so damn contradictory.

Whichever way you look at it, that picture-perfect face could appear so plastic. A perfect house often cold and unwelcoming.  That perfect view is sometimes quite ordinary.

My daughter will find a perfectly cooked medium rare steak totally gross. I will love it. My perfect glass of wine is not at all one that my friend would be happy with. My perfect cocktail may not be perfect after all...

I’m not saying it won’t ever happen. Once you understand what perfection actually means, in all likelihood you may just have your day in the sun.

I have, through my long and eventful career, come across a whole heap of bartenders, young and old, who have offered me their perfect cocktail or waxed eloquent about it. Eager beavers have asked me for my perfect drink.

They have endlessly sought the secret of creating that perfect concoction. They look at me in absolute disbelief when I tell them there are no secrets and there is no perfect recipe.

It’s quite simple. You’ll never know how that perfect cocktail that you came up with impacts someone unless they try it. If you have clearly fathomed the need of the person, looked inside his/her mind and their palate, give him/her exactly what s/he is looking for. Or better still, exceeded their expectation – that’s when it is perfect!

I have tweaked all my almost perfect cocktails in a zillion ways to make them just so for those who drank them. Each time, it was the look on their face, the glint in the eye and the absolute “Wow!” that made my heart sing. And still does.

I am certain the guys who made Facebook or WhatsApp, or the million othe apps that you think are awesome, all began the same way. Hence the constant updating, as the criteria for what’s perfect keeps changing…

So be the best at what you do and who you are. Strive to rise above your own expectation. And remember that perfection is mirrored in the eye of the beholder.