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RTD cocktails set sail from Goa

Mr. Jerry’s RTD cocktails set sail from Goa

Mr. Jerry’s, India’s first commercially available, ready-to-serve cocktail range, was recently released in Goa by Blue Ocean Beverages, under the watchful gaze of mixologists Arijit Bose and Pankaj Balachandran of Countertop India.

The lockdown highlighted the need for a cocktail solution that was complete and required very little preparation. With Mr. Jerry’s you pull the bottle(s) out of the fridge, and follow basic instructions: using cola, or soda, or simply pouring over ice.

The name was inspired by the great grandfather from the golden era of bartending, Jerry P. Thomas, author of the Bartenders Guide. They come in 500-ml bottles, which make approximately five drinks.

Each of the six intricately mixed cocktails have something for every palate:

  • Jerry’s Long Island Ice Tea (gin, vodka, rum, agave spirit, orange curacao and lime acid) poured over ice or with Coke;
  • Jerry’s Old Fashioned (smoky Scotch whisky blend, honey syrup and bitters) poured over ice;
  • Jerry’s Espresso Martini (vodka, strong brewed coffee, vanilla, coffee liqueur and nutmeg) shaken with ice;
  • Trader Jerry’s Mai Tai (spiced rum, lime, orgeat syrup, Triple sec, grenadine and bitters) poured over ice;
  • Cucumber & Elderflower fizz (cucumber, gin, green tea, lime and lemon and elderflower syrup) poured over ice with a dash of soda or tonic;
  • Jerry’s Midday Negroni (London dry gin, vermouth and bitters) over ice.