Never compromise to cut costs

Never compromise to cut costs

The seating cap does affect revenue, but we do understand that it’s what the situation demands.  Since our senior staff members are back on the floor and in the kitchen, there aren’t any major hassles.

However, on busier days being short-staffed becomes an issue because there are diners as well as delivery orders to send. Our team has been provided with 3-ply masks and disposable surgical masks. Temperature checks upon entry are mandatory for all guests, team members and suppliers.

There are barcodes at the table from which guests can access our digital menu. Tables and kitchen are sanitised frequently, and hand sanitizers are kept on all tables, bar counters, kitchen pass and washrooms.

Help & pricing

We are glad for the support we received from Beam Suntory, with whom we started our DIY cocktail kits: two new variants were created in partnership with them.

Even after the “unlock”, procurement costs remain higher than usual. As of now, we haven’t increased our menu prices. But we’re currently serving a relatively smaller menu and are ordering in smaller batches.

The break-even point is definitely not going to come immediately. With a shift in dining patterns and tourism being greatly affected all over, it is going to take longer than expected.

My advice to the industry to help it overcome the downturn is to stay true to yourself and your product. Never go sub-par or compromise on your product to save costs.

I have been able to reiterate to myself that perseverance and hard work always pay off. It is important to not get carried away with emotions when it comes to taking tough calls. And it’s always wise to keep some liquid funds at hand for unprecedented situations.