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Optimism presents new opportunities

Optimism presents new opportunities

Health and safety is an important consideration for any workplace as it’s a high priority to keep both workers and guests safe.  Even separate entrances for staff and guests have been introduced, and vendors are required to deliver at a stipulated time and as per government norms.

Contactless menu cards have been introduced; service of food from platter to plate is avoided; pre-plated menus are encouraged; large bookings are avoided; and the premises are sanitised frequently. But in Chennai we want the government to extend operating hours beyond 9 pm.

Online learning has been a great help during this lockdown, and bartenders across several properties in Chennai have made the most of it.

Staying alive

Procurement costs have gone very high while the pricing of offerings has remained the same. Many bars in Chennai have started offering only seasonal menus so that they can control costs. However, most of the bars came up with crazy offers on beverages during the recent cricket matches.

To facilitate and maintain cash flow, one needs to reduce the procurement cycle to a couple of days to meet the payment cycle. The future of the F&B industry remains uncertain; let us accept this as the ‘new normal’. I would advise everyone to learn a new business as the state government is not quite supportive of the F&B industry.

If you take the time to explore, learn and become mindful, you are more likely to feel happier. You are able to put things into perspective and enjoy life to the fullest. When you’re optimistic, you are more likely to look at difficult situations as an opportunity to evolve.