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Sepoy adds tangy lemonades

Sepoy adds tangy lemonades

Sepoy&Co., the range of premium botanical mixers, has launched low-calorie lemonade mixers in three flavour variants: Classic Lemonade for pairing with vodka, Tequila, white rum and gin; Tropical Lemonade that is perfect for dark rum and whisky cocktails; and Rose Lemonade for pairing with white wine, sparkling wines or Mezcal.

The new products (with just 5 gm of sugar per 100 ml) go beyond Sepoy&Co.’s portfolio of tonic waters and ginger ale. They are made from Italian lemon juice and natural flavours like rose, lemon, pineapple, cardamom and ginger.

Given that lemon juice is one of the most popular ingredients in cocktails globally, the lemonades easily lend themselves to a variety of cocktails and mocktails, or can be sipped on by themselves as refreshing coolers. (