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Short Story begins with gin, rum & vodka

Short Story begins with gin, rum & vodka

Goa-based Third Eye Distillery has introduced Short Story, a bouquet of three “true-to-style essential spirits”, which it says will set a standard for quality and become an effortless choice for homes or bars. It is being helmed by Brand Director Pankaj Balachandran.

The Short Story portfolio currently includes a classic London dry gin with a juniper backbone; a triple-distilled, charcoal-filtered grain vodka; and an Indo-Caribbean white rum with a side of a geography lesson.

Short Story is retailing in Maharashtra for Rs 1,650 (vodka), Rs 1,850 (gin) and Rs 1,950 (rum) in Maharashtra. However, all three bottles can be purchased in Karnataka for Rs 1,950 (each) and in Goa for Rs 1,050. For more information, write to