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Siqera bottles apple, mango ciders

Siqera bottles apple and mango ciders

As sophisticated as wine, as much fun, and as refreshing as a beer. But better than both! Siqera is the first of its kind in many ways – it is the first craft cidery in the North, and also the first of its category in India.

Siqera’s apple cider has a light fruit aroma, feels like taking a crunchy bite of a fresh apple with the warmth of alcohol on finish, leaving the fruit on palate to linger. This golden blend is a sparkling, semi-sweet, medium-bodied cider (9% ABV), served at 2-4ºC.

Siqera’s mango cider is a playful Indian twist on traditional ciders, made with pulp from the juiciest, most delicious mangoes. The flavour of mango swirls in the mouth as you sip. This too is a sparkling, semi-sweet, medium-bodied (9% ABV) cider best served at 2-4ºC. For queries, email