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Staying young is staying relevant

Staying young is staying relevant

We are aware that the median age of India’s population is in the 24-28-year range. This is definitely the age group that can spend and is also willing to explore new things. And the fact that so many new launches are happening constantly in the market indicates that there is space for everyone.

Since we are a very new category of alcoholic beverage, Hill Zill Wines has to take efforts to educate the consumers on the difference between wine, cider and other sparkling alcoholic beverages. This is a long and ongoing process.

My understanding of the market says that the younger generation wants something new each time. In this age of instant gratification the moment there is something new thrown in the market, youngsters lap it up with open arms.

That is why ready-to-drink packaging and fruit-based wines are going to become such a big hit. This pushes brands like our Fruzzante to stay young, relevant and constantly innovating to keep up with the demands of our cosumers.