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TankerBox set to change sustainable shipping

TankerBox set to change sustainable shipping

Turkish flavour company Aromsa has partnered with Mondi to achieve sustainability goals by introducing stainless-steel containers. Mondi’s newly inducted TankerBox revolutionises sustainable shipping for Aromsa’s flavourful products.

The strong yet lightweight alternative TankerBox, made from renewable resources, simplifies transportation, boosts shipping capacity and eliminates container maintenance. Aromsa’s products include sauces, toppings, extracts and seasonings.

One of its newly connected customers wanted the products to be shipped in stainless-steel containers. This would require an investment into approximately 250 stainless-steel containers, which is considered to be a costly packaging solution. In addition to the high price, there are also the logistical costs of storage and maintenance, washing and sterilising the containers.

Mondi proposed the TankerBox, which Aromsa trialled on its production line. After a few months of close collaboration and innovation at the Aromsa facilities, the TankerBox was ready for commercial use.

Produced from corrugated cardboard and developed as a substitute for the traditional intermediate bulk containers (IBC) and metal barrels, the TankerBox is an innovative product and a more sustainable solution. Its patented design consists of five parts: an outer box, inner octabin, angle frame, bottom star and top cover pieces.

It offers an intelligent discharge system with two alternative design options for discharging either from the top or bottom and is structured to minimise residual contents in the product.

In comparison to its metal drum or IBC equivalents, the TankerBox’s optimised design creates cost advantages from efficiencies in storage and logistics, as it does not need to be chemically cleaned or returned as empty cargo. Additional benefits include easy handling and integration into filling lines as well as printability for brand enhancement.

TankerBox can be safely used in various industries, including chemicals, paint, pharmaceuticals, oil, as well as in the food industry for concentrated beverages, industrial liquid food and additives, alcoholic drinks, milk and dairy products.

Aromsa’s commitment to sustainability, coupled with Mondi’s dedication to customer-centric solutions, exemplifies the power of partnership in driving positive change.

Mondi is a global leader in packaging and paper and owns an integrated value chain – from managing forests and producing pulp, paper and films, to developing and manufacturing sustainable consumer and industrial packaging solutions using paper where possible, and plastic when useful. (