Ufrost affords your clients a brain freeze!

Ufrost affords your clients a brain freeze!

Frozen alcoholic cocktails have been around for some time now; but imagine a steady stream of clients who insist on them as you struggle to not let them leave disappointed!

Enter Ufrost U1, the world’s smallest instant freezing machine, which can take liquids from room temperature to –98 degrees Celsius in roughly 60 seconds! What is more, it uses only recycled CO2 gas to freeze the substances, and can serve up to eight shots of any frozen consumable each minute.

Launched in November 2017, the Ufrost U1 has ushered endless new possibilities to the gastronomy and mixology industry. “I wanted to create a tool that helps people release their imagination,” JulienMichalk, CEO of Ether Innovations says. “I am happy that 4 years of my research has led to a machine that can create a little magic.”

The team at Montreal-based maker of Ufrost has been serving some of the most innovative frozen cocktail menus to top corporate clients in Canada, and even appeared at the 2017 Bar and Nightclub tradeshow in Las Vegas (US).

In September this year, top brass of Ether Innovations teamed up with Montreal’s Polytechnic University to present their newest collaborative innovation venture, the U-2 instant freezing machine. It is a more gas-efficient version and can be set up inconspicuously behind any bar or in any kitchen.

Ufrost offers a turnkey, fully customisable menu for party hosts where colours, flavours, textures and flare propel the theme of the night. “If we want to keep satisfying our desire for more intricate flavours, all we really need to do is change the way they are prepared – bend the river, don’t change the water,” Julien says.

With the new U2 machine, that is one-third of the size and twice as efficient, any bartender or line cook will be able to serve up a pair of frozen spheres with his/her signature dish.