Beer, I hear you!

Why do beer-makers need podcasts?

A spicy pitch on why the brewing industry needs podcasts

Hey Babuuus, this is Chatty from Cheers Chatty, India’s first and only beer podcast!  And this podcast episode features ‘Why does the beer industry need podcasts?’

I’m going to keep this short, simple and straight. For tasters, lots of chat and cheer happens over beer, and the same goes for podcasts serving cheerful chats. This makes beer and podcast a perfect pairing.

More importantly, just like beer is a no fuss drink, the same recipe applies to podcasts. Easy-going, full-bodied, with flavour and fun – and never stops at one!

Let’s begin with the dictionary definition of a podcast. A digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically. The term ‘Podcast’ is actually a portmanteau of iPod and ‘broadcast’. Here are the 10(+1) podcast essentials:

  • A podcast host (you are reading about one, Ha-ha! Do I need to say more?);
  • An idea and a good script to back it;
  • A solid recording space (preferably sound-proof), a reliable microphone, a mixer and a pair of noise-cancelling headphones;
  • A laptop, recording software, podcast publishing channels;
  • And chilled beer to keep the conversation cheerful!

Making sense

Now where do podcasts feature in our everyday tankful media barrels? We are living in an age of instant and short format content. More importantly, we are constantly multi-tasking with our life chores and media consumption.

Typically our fingers are hopping across Apps as we binge-watch OTT shows at a different eye level. With this reality and ‘more than the bladder can hold’ beer bytes, podcasts make perfect and relevant sense to listeners and brands for varied reasons.

The hoppy beauty of podcasts is you are not bound by time, location or work. Podcasts are portable conversations engaging listeners with high levels of interactivity.

Branded podcasts give brands the time and virtual space to converse directly with the market, target audiences and even enthusiasts listening for academic purposes.

Like every audio mode of communication, podcasts are versatile in nature. The medium has everything to offer, provided we utilise it to brew stories that leave behind a good aftertaste.

Experiential expressions

Like beer, podcasts are not about the host; they are about the guest we raise a toast to. Podcasts are all about expression and experience – starting from choosing the beer for the mood, to finally leaving the table with plenty full pints.

Podcasts play hosts by re-creating an audio ambience of the location, deliver insights into beer brands, voice consumer experiences and subtly place relevant brand content in sound bytes. The pod has space for more than a single guest, and the episodes can be recorded to reach distant locations as well.

Unlike mainstream media, there is no voice for surrogacy out here. Industry, brands and consumers can narrate stories, brand ideas, and communication strategies without disguising under surrogacy advertising.

Having said that, the importance of a meaningful structured storyline is imperative to keep listeners hooked at all times and thereby increases subscribers. You can finally put an end to millions of advertising budgets poured to sell mineral water, golf balls, and coasters etc. in the name of beer.

Talk on tap

What you say is what you serve. Podcasts open opportunities for everyone; the industry, corporates, brands, fraternity, consumers, job seekers and enthusiasts.

Imagine launching a beer brand in the company of beer lovers with the voice recorder switched on. Believe me you can’t get more candid confessions on the beer than here!

What you capture is real life experiences and associated insights over and above beer that can be further fermented to craft marketing and communication. Of course, you will be required to edit the recording to add music, delete inappropriate content, etc.

Now let’s chat about job seekers. All you beer industry professionals and aspirants can leverage podcasts as a tool to showcase their expertise, especially post lockdown that has made most jobs a flat beer head.

Similarly, beer companies facing a challenging time to stay afloat should podcast to voice their concerns. All this only goes to prove how the purpose of podcasts is not limited to an episode; rather it lends voice to cheering business opportunities.

Taste of trust

Podcasts are intangible marketing assets that build trust, credibility, brand loyalty and brand recall in a cool, informal audio atmosphere. Whatever you speak, content authenticity should never be compromised.

You can’t fake trust and credibility and you know why? Because your voice can never lie. Your voice is personal; pouring excitement and emotions that may not be conveyed in written words.

A podcast gives you the freedom to multi-task and yet develop a direct connection with your listeners, as it is the closest thing to having grabbing their attention, episode after episode.

Make sure to develop a certain tone of voice to establish familiarity and comfort with your listeners. Don’t start a podcast to generate business. Start to accelerate conversations to reach a wider network of audiences.

When a brand does that, conversations with listeners start sounding like a formal Chairman’s Speech letter scripted to perfection. Make it casual, believable, relevant and honest.

Economical investment

Just don’t think too much about it; the message is loud and clear: Start podcasting!

What does it take to invest in podcasts as a marketing investment? You certainly don’t need deep pockets. A deep belief in the media will help your brand be heard loud and clear.

Get in touch with a beer podcasting company – needless to say, Cheers Chatty – and we will take it up from there.

Before I press the stop button, listen and subscribe to us on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Be good to the world, drink good beer and keep listening to Cheers Chatty podcast. Cheers!!