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A stout from ‘kaapi’ and cherries

A stout from ‘kaapi’ and cherries Project Mishram band members with Head Brewer Umang Nair (right).

BLR Brewing Co., a micro-brewery in South Bengaluru, and Project Mishram, a progressive Carnatic fusion band, recently launched their first collaborative brew, Loco Coko Stout, a fusion of filter coffee with cherries.

It was inspired by the fusion of two of Mishram’s songs: Loco Coko (all about filter coffee) and Sakura (about cherry blossoms).

Talking of the flavour, it is a stout and so has coffee and chocolate from the roasted malts and is infused with filter Kaapi and subtle hints of cherry. The result is a beautifully balanced and uniquely delicious stout that is perfect for sipping any time of the year.

The J.P. Nagar branch of BLR Brewing is spread across two floors (indoors) and has an imposing rooftop to enjoy the breezy weather of Bengaluru. The brewery also has six in-house variants to offer: Belgian Wit, Farmhouse, Hefeweizen, Alphonso Ale, Nitro Stout and Nelson IPA.

All its beverages are brewed by Head Brewer Umang Nair, an expert in hand-crafted beers. The brewery caters to different tastes and flavour preferences of beer lovers and is experimenting with local ingredients for crafting the perfect recipes so that one can taste what those ingredients are all about.

Prasanna Kumar, Co-Founder, BLR Brewing Co. states, “We couldn’t be more excited about the second edition of collaboration brew with a band. This collaboration brings us together to experiment with new beer styles.”

BLR Brewing Co. has been collaborating with brewers across the world; but this time it was “with these young amazing artists”, Prasanna added.