Alcobrew adds ‘One More’ craft vodka

One More Pure Craft Vodka, from Alcobrew Distilleries India Pvt. Ltd., has been launched in UP this week. Alcobrew is one of India’s youngest liquor manufacturers. A dynamic supply chain, established network and exemplary product portfolio have led to its impressive growth. The company caters to civil, canteen store depots and institutional markets in liquor, across India and abroad. Alcobrew is home to brands of repute, both in India and overseas. The company established the Old Smuggler brand in India with its state-of-art manufacturing facility and robust distribution channels. Besides Old Smuggler Scotch whisky and Rum, Alcobrew is proud of its quality in-house brands comprising of White & Blue Whisky, Golfer’s Shot Whisky, White Hills Whisky, Lion Daddy Rum and Victorio Brandy that are manufactured, bottled, distributed and marketed by the company.

To enhance its portfolio further, Alcobrew has launched One More Pure Craft Vodka. In India white spirits have done well in the last one decade and is poised to continue to do so in the coming decade as well. This surely assures a bright future for One More Pure Craft Vodka. There is a trendy, cosmopolitan feel to the liquor, and it gives a lot of freedom to the bartenders to curate quirky cocktail flavours, which are highly appreciated by the experimentative millennials.

One More Pure Craft vodka has been launched in two flavours, Plain and Green Apple.

Made from high quality imported Indian grain spirit and natural extracts, One More Pure Craft Vodka yields a smooth and refreshing taste, making it the best tasting vodka in its category. The multiple distilled vodka has been produced using the latest “Eco-fine” technology which makes the blend extremely pure.

What makes us stand apart is the fact that we are a “Craft” Vodka. We believe that quality outweighs quantity and hence, our Craft vodka is manufactured in smaller batches with select ingredients. This way the quality of each lot is meticulously supervised and quality control is made more efficient. The entire process, therefore, requires more time and more expertise but guarantees the best tasting vodka in the category and compels you to ask for ONE MORE.

The brand name “ONE MORE” comes from the promise of “MORE”: MORE distillation, MORE taste, MORE smoothness, MORE fun and MORE excitement.

The packaging of the bottle has a millennial touch with a unique shape replete with neon colours. The idea behind this unique, funky packaging is to create curiosity and grab attention of the youth, making them feel a sense of owning something that will instantly make them stand apart in the crowd.

One More Pure Craft Vodka’s aura manifests the idea of not settling down and wanting more from life. The tagline “Get More from Life” represents the zeal of asking for MORE. The brand is a symbol of the millennial era; the people who love to work hard, are independent and do not take NO for an answer. The brand represents those energetic youngsters, who have the never-back-down spirit and are always up for an adventure. After working to their limits, they like to unwind by rewarding themselves with something that makes them feel the fun and excitement till the brim. They believe in the mantra of “Work hard, party harder”, which is what the brand spills out with every sip.

Bringing One More Pure craft vodka to life is the cool and funky mascot fondly called “DJ Mono” (Mono means Monkey in Spanish). DJ Mono comes straight out of Spain to become the face of One More Pure Craft Vodka to start a heart throbbing, never-ending party in India. DJ Mono was chosen as the brand mascot because ‘DJ’ represents someone who controls the whole atmosphere of the space with his energetic and free-spirited vibes that make the person the centre of attention and ‘Monkey’ represents the millennials who are irreverent, fun loving and carefree. The upbeat exposition of the brand makes it emerge as a distinguished drink in its category.

Over the years with its fine blends and innovative packaging, Alcobrew has created a fan following of loyalists beyond borders. It is a privilege to meet their expectations, which is clearly seen every time when a loyalist chooses an Alcobrew product over the others. With a legacy as rich as this, One More Pure Craft Vodka will surely take the market by storm and instantly become a favourite.


The brand believes that life is meant to be way more than just what one thinks it is therefore the brand live by the following ethos-

Life screaming ONE MORE

As you pause.

Crowds chanting ONE MORE

As the music shuts.

Friends wanting ONE MORE

As the party stops

These are what we live for.

Tonight, make it ONE MORE!!