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bbb Awards 2023 announced!

bbb Awards 2023 announced!

Category: Water

Gold: Himalayan

Silver: Veen


Category: Mixers

Gold: Schweppes

Silver: Svami


Category: Sparkling Wine

Gold: Moet & Chandon

Silver: Martini Prosecco


Category: International Sill Wine

Gold: Jacob’s Creek

Silver: Two Oceans


Category: Indian Still Wine

Gold: Sula

Silver: Fratelli


Category: International Beer

Gold: Corona

Silver: Hoegaarden


Category: Indian Beer

Gold: Kingfisher

Silver: Bira


Category: Liqueurs

Gold: Jägermeister

Silver: Bailey’s


Category: Amaro/ Aperitif

Gold: Campari

Silver: Aperol


Category: Brandy and Cognac

Gold: Hennessy 

Silver: Martell


Category: Indian Craft Spirits

Gold: Greater Than

Silver: Stranger & Sons 


Category: Agave

Gold: Jose Cuervo

Silver: Patron


Category: Rum

Gold: Bacardi

Silver: Old Monk


Category: Vodka

Gold: Grey Goose

Silver: Absolut


Category: International Single Malt

Gold: Glenfiddich

Silver: The Glenlivet


Category: Indian Single Malt

Gold: Paul John 

Silver: Amrut


Category: International Whiskey

Gold: Jameson 

Silver: Jack Daniels


Category: Blended Scotch / Malt

Gold: Johnnie Walker

Silver: Chivas Regal


Category: Premium Indian Whisky

Gold: Woodburns 

Silver: Royal Challenge


Category: Gin

Gold: Bombay Sapphire 

Silver: Greater Than