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Beer from Goa’s heirloom rice

Beer from Goa’s heirloom rice

Goa Brewing Co. has released a new lager that it says is “for and by the people” – a harkening back to the company’s toughest year, on account of Covid-19 disruptions. “Without our people, their kindness and sacrifices, we would have not made this far,” the company says.

But what is unique is that People’s Lager is made from Goa’s ukdo (parboiled) rice that is a staple in diets in all households. Goa Brewing has taken up a project to revive traditional farming practices and save more than 28 heirloom varieties of Goan rice from extinction.

The uniqueness of ukdo rice lies in its fat grain size, sweetish woodsy flavour profile, and ability to give any coconut-based curry the extra oomph. It also has higher levels of calcium, potassium, Vitamin B-6 and fibre. The higher fibre makes it a staple food with low glycemic index.

After meeting success with Eight Finger Eddie, Saint and Sinner and Pineapple Saison, Goa Brewing’s beers are available in Goa, Bengaluru and Mumbai.