Believe in the wines you make!

Believe in the wines you make!

The demand for Indian wines has steadily grown on the back of definite improvements in quality, packaging, and bigger choice of varietals. Surprisingly, foreign visitors are more receptive and appreciative of Indian wines!

At Comorin, Indian wines are the first on our menu. It helps the F&B staff to soft-cell an Indian wine if it has won awards at competitions or some other recognition.

Indian wine makers and sellers have a long way to go to educate the Indian consumer and to market both their premium and not-so-premium wines. It is generally the imported wine companies that conduct training for their wines.

Why are Indian wineries lacking in seizing the opportunity that the Indian market presents? They should spend on training and focus on catering to all price categories.

We should not have an inferiority complex when standing in front of imported wines. We just have to believe in our product.

– Varun Sharma, Beverage Manager, Comorin Restaurant, Haryana