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Bubbly fun for any occasion

Bubbly Blaster is fun on occasion

The Bubbly Blaster attaches to any champagne bottle, turning it into long-lasting champers cannon and is a fun way to spray champagne with less mess! It can be used one-handed, it’s comfy to hold, and is very efficient.

It even works as a bottle stopper when you’re not using it, preserving the champagne to be enjoyed later on. Its design allows you to attach the Bubbly Blaster to any champagne bottle, including the full size (750 ml) champagne bottles, with ease.

When the bottle is finally out of champers, it’s just as easy to remove the Bubbly Blaster. The system is also designed to be safely removed when a bottle is still pressurised.

Since the top openings of bottles can vary, an adjustment system is built into the Bubbly Blaster to fit all sizes. If the gadget is too easy or too hard to snap into a bottle, adjust the nut at the top of the sealing system until snapping the Blaster into the bottle makes a firm seal.

The gadget made of durable, high-quality, food-safe aluminium and the bottle sealing system is made out of food- safe rubber and hard plastic. It has features that include a throttling trigger for controlled spray up close or long distance (up to 30 feet when the trigger is full throttle), contoured finger grips for comfortable single-handed operation.

To kick it up a notch, an adjustable system that snaps onto any champagne bottle for immediate fun and accessory ports for video mount, phone cradle and nozzle attachments are also provided.