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‘Diversity makes everything stronger, happier!’

Diversity makes everything stronger, happier Karina Aggarwal, Founder-Director of Gigglewater Beverage Concepts, is an independent beverage consultant and educator working across wine, whisky, beer, gin and cocktails.

What is your favourite drink memory?

That would be my first time in the Douro Valley in Portugal, learning from the legendary winemaker, Dirk Niepoort. He asked me my birth year and later that evening, from his private cellar, he shared with us a vintage 1987, then followed it up with a vintage 1887!

Favourite bar…

Currently my home bar is looking pretty great. Otherwise I like ‘Bar Termini’ and ‘Happiness Forgets’ in London; the ‘Jigger & Pony’ in Singapore; and ‘The Old Man’ in Hong Kong.

Favourite wine/ spirit…

A tough one! Nowadays I’m especially missing Sake, because I’m down to my last bottle.

Favourite cocktail

The Negroni.

Best city to drink in…

London, because there’s such a varied drink experience and stellar options in all categories!

Best bottle I’ve been given…

Quite recently Clovis Taittinger hosted us at this famed winery and gifted us a bottle of vintage Comtes de Champagne, the most prestige cuvée of the house.

We need more women behind the bar because…

Diversity makes everything stronger, safer, louder and happier.

Plastic straws are…


My favourite bartender is…

Someone who at once makes you feel like you belong in that chair and makes you never want to leave. It’s a combination of warmth, skill and authenticity.

Whisky is for…

Anyone who knows how to treat it well.

Favourite bar accessory

A smile… I make sure to carry one with me for the bartender, and it’s returned in kind!

Favourite drinking game

The perpetual ‘What shall I drink today?’ is game enough for me!