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Doja gin: 2 cultures in 1 sip

Doja gin: 2 cultures in 1 sip

In what is claimed to be the “world’s first Indo-Japanese New Wave craft gin’, Goa-based East Side Distillery has launched Doja, the result of native botanicals from Japan and India, mixed to concoct a new legacy of “2 cultures in 1 sip”.

It is a Yuzu-dominant base gin with hints of Cedar, Sansho pepper and Hinoki, in combination with traditional botanicals from India like coriander, pepper, fennel and cardamom.

Doja uses a method of distillation called single shot, which is known to be best for craft gins. The gin is distilled through a steaming process, blended with de-mineralised water to a bottling strength of 42.8% ABV.

On the mouth, the gin is full-bodied, coats the mouth and leaves a citrus aftertaste. It is currently priced at Rs 2,050 (700-ml bottle) in Goa, and will move to other parts of India in 2022. (