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Exquisite Choya liqueurs from Japan

Exquisite Choya liqueurs from Japan

Monika Alcobev has introduced Japan’s No.1 liqueur company with four iterations of Choya Umeshu, to the Indian market. Umeshu, made by steeping ume fruit in spirit, is a reviving tonic.

Already available in Haryana (Gurugram), it will be launched in the Bengaluru, Mumbai and Goa markets in September 2022. In Mumbai, Extra Shiso will retail at Rs 4,875; Extra Years at Rs 4,500; Royal Honey will be priced at Rs 5,990; and Single Year will cost Rs 3,500.

Extra Shiso (aged 2-3 years, 17% ABV) is the only 100% Japanese premium Nanko-Ume with red Shiso leaves. It retains the initial character of Extra Years with pleasantly bitter herbaceous notes from the red Shiso leaves.

Extra Years (aged 2-3 years, 17% ABV) is premium Japanese Nanko-Ume. It displays an initial rich sweetness with notes of almond and marzipan, which are then elegantly balanced by a natural vibrant acidity.

Royal Honey (17% ABV) is 100% natural honey with royal jelly and no added sugar. Mild sweetness and pleasant honey aroma followed by notes of almond and marzipan.

Single Year is a special blend (15% ABV) of at least three different liqueur batches aged between 1- 2 years. Its crispy tartness and fragrant aroma of Nanko-Ume fruits can be enjoyed chilled and straight, on-the-rocks or mixed in cocktails.