Fostering Indo-Japanese love for beer

Fostering Indo-Japanese love for beer

In a delightful fusion of cultures and flavours, the event ‘Maitri’ took place at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Greater Noida, dedicated to strengthening the bond between India and Japan’s friendship and culture.

Maitri (friendship in Sanskrit), aptly captured the essence of the event that brought together two renowned breweries, Wallop from India and IseKado from Japan. The highlight was the launch of their much-anticipated beers, Campai and Ise Kado respectively, promising a delightful experience for all beer enthusiasts.

Vineet Chopra founder of Wallop Brewing Co. said: “The idea for Wallop Brewing came in to keep my son (Vineet) close to me after his studies in the US, “during which he picked up a passion for craft beers”.

The label has an eye-catching image of a snake and mongoose, which reminds Vineet of the street shows in Banaras during his childhood. “It is also a classic Indian drama where the mongoose saves a human family from a snake,” he says.

Campai is infused with local ingredients and crafted with passion. Campai Wit and Campai Strong offer refreshing and unique tastes that pay homage to India’s rich brewing heritage.

On the other hand, IseKado from Japan presented its pale ale, Ise Kado, which showcases the essence of Japanese brewing tradition and craftsmanship. These two exceptional beers symbolise the harmonious blend of India and Japan’s friendship and the mutual appreciation of each other’s cultures.

IseKado was founded by Suzuki Narihiro in 1997. “My one goal was to always make a beer of superior quality. In 2017 and 2019, Ise Kado Pale Ale won gold medals at the International Brewing Awards,” he says.

Each beer was carefully curated to be paired with a sumptuous four-course meal that perfectly complemented the distinct characteristics of Campai and Ise Kado. The cuisine was a fusion of Indo-Japanese dishes such as Spinach leaf Tempura, and Avocado and Chickpea chaat.

Nikuman Kansai was offered with two fillings: Chettinad lamb and Chashu Take. Chicken Katsu was served with Makhani gravy, Daikon and Andhra-style baby potatoes.

Renowned mixologist Arati Mestry’s beer cocktails were a mesmerising symphony of flavours, expertly blending the unique taste profiles of Campai Wit, IseKado Pale Ale and Campai Strong with various ingredients, creating concoctions that were a true testament to her craft.

The beers are available all over Uttar Pradesh and are priced at Rs 150 for the Wit and Strong variants.