Infused Goan feni calls for ‘Aani Ek’

Goan feni gets a makeover

Feni, the unique distilled spirit of Goa, is on the verge of shedding its adverse reputation as a strong-smelling and (some say) unpalatable spirit, mainly derived from cashew fruit.

Four Goan feni enthusiasts – Clement DeSylva, Jill Dsouza, Karlyle Gomes and Pritesh Desai – have come together to infuse it with flavours and ingredients that heighten its essence.

This experience, they say, will always call for an encore. That is the reason why they have named their feni iteration ‘Aani Ek’ (One More!).

Using natural local ingredients, they have created three unique blends: Limon, Chilli and Honey+Cinnamon. The infusion process minimises the strong aroma of cashew, without losing the heart of feni.

Limon is a zesty twist to the original, making it easy to sip on and open to a range of cocktail experiments. For those who like it hot, the Aani Ek Chilli will definitely hit the spot with a dash of fizz or simply on the rocks. A delicious liquor, best had straight-up, the Aani Ek Honey+Cinnamon, is the real bee's knees.

The team is also already ready with a set of cocktails that their flavours can be best turned into, and these can be found on their website (