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It’s finally here: RTD gin & tonic!

Salud the RTD gin & tonic is finally here

Bengaluru-based Salud Beverages has launched India’s first ever ready-to-drink gin and tonic (G&T) range, positioning itself as a lifestyle brand whose priority is to bring premium quality at affordable pricing for all age groups.

Salud (‘Celebration of Life’ in Spanish) marks its debut with ‘G&T 2.0’ in three flavours: Original, Cucumber and Lavender. The Original retains the original classic way that gin is consumed; the Cucumber variant skillfully crafts the beverage with succulent English cucumber; and Lavender is “aromatherapy in a bottle”, with subtle French lavender, Indian tonic and English juniper.

While wine entrepreneur Ajay Shetty is the Founder-Director of the new venture, Prasad Vanga is an investor and Founder of Anthill Ventures. Serial entrepreneur and actor, Rana Daggubati, is a co-investor.

Salud, which will soon venture into the no-alcohol, ready-to-drink segment, also brings merchandise, and musical experiences under the titles of Salud Live and Salud Sessions.