‘Green’ distillery, artisanal gin

Footloose in Uttarakhand’s artisanal distillery The distillery is spread over 4 acres and focuses on experiential tours, label tastings and community experiences. Its panoramic viewing decks offer breathtaking views of the Himalayas.

Nestled amidst the Himalayan foothills of the Kumaon region in Uttarakhand, the Himmaleh Spirits Distillery is truly artisanal. Drawing on the abundant resources of this lush terrain, its spirits trace their origins to an ever-growing community of farmers, foragers and harvesters.

Set up by Ansh Khanna and Samarth Prasad, Himmaleh Spirits is India’s first traceable distillery. The founder duo is committed to shaping not just a legacy of spirits but also one of social and environmental responsibility.

The distillery’s hyperlocal approach drives it to only work with regional botanicals, fostering sustainable progress for the region. Adopting an earth-friendly distillation process, the distillery in Kashipur ensures zero liquid and waste discharge across all its processes.

The distillery currently produces ‘Kumaon & I’, India’s first premium provincial dry gin that celebrates the unique terroir and rich flavours of the Kumaon region. The gin is made from fresh Himalayan spring water and a careful curation of 11 regional botanicals that are distilled at source for 9 hours, to extract the maximum flavour, lending a distinct texture to the spirit.

It also is one of the handful of distilleries in the world to have its own farming team, closely overseeing the quality of produce.

Unique experience

The distillery is spread over 4 acres and focuses on experiential tours, label tastings and community experiences. Visitors can see a fully operational distillery, which is home to a one-of-a-kind 1000-litre Hungarian copper pot still from the world’s most technologically advanced still maker.

The tours cover the distillation process; guests are guided through the unique botanicals used and will be able to sample the various distillates from the house of Himmaleh Spirits.

The distillery, whose purpose is to drive tourism, has multiple viewing decks and tasting rooms for visitors, which was opened to the public late in 2023. It also has a restaurant that embraces the farm-to-table concept.

With a chic, loft-inspired aesthetic, the distillery’s contemporary architecture blends metallic accents with wooden highlights, creating a warm and inviting space. Artisanal craftsmanship is woven into every detail; its walls incorporate locally sourced stones crafted by artisans from the region.

The space is thoughtfully curated to strike a perfect balance between indoor and outdoor elements, integrating seamlessly with its picturesque natural surroundings. On clear days, the distillery’s panoramic viewing decks offer breathtaking views of the Himalayan mountains!

From produce to process, the company embraces a truly farm-to-bottle philosophy to craft the highest quality artisanal spirits. The brand is deeply rooted in four guiding pillars: artisanal excellence, Himalayan goodness, traceable and authentic principles, and empowered communities.


Samarth Prasad (L) and Ansh Khanna, Co-Founders of Himmaleh Spirits, pose near the Hungarian copper pot still.


Kumaon & I

This artisanal gin is crafted from an exquisite selection of Himalayan botanicals, including a unique strain of Himalayan juniper. It has cooling spicy peppercorns, citrus and herbal rainforest on the nose, with a rich textural palate, and a medium-dry long finish. It is best enjoyed in a classic G&T or a well-made Negroni.

Among its standout botanicals are Timur, a berry-like Szechuan pepper that infuses a delightful fusion of fruitiness and spice, and black turmeric, cultivated at an altitude of over 10,000 feet, endowing it with an extended growth cycle and a richly concentrated flavour.

It is complemented by coriander seeds and two distinct citrus fruits: Galgal, a local citrus variety, and Kinu, which introduces nuanced sweet undertones. Galgal and black turmeric contribute to an unmistakable mouthfeel that encapsulates the unique terroir of Uttarakhand.

‘Kumaon & I’ is packaged in 700-ml bottles at 42.8% ABV. It retails for ?2,700 in Uttarakhand, ?2,896 in Goa, ?3,000 in Haryana and ?3,525 in Maharashtra.

Himmaleh Spirits recently announced the launch of Bandarful, an artisanal cold-brew coffee liqueur, and a tribute to the long-tailed Langur (monkey) of the Kumaon foothills.

The company is now working towards adding separate distilleries for rhum and whiskey production on the same grounds. For more information, visit: https://www.himmalehspirits.com/