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Wanna relax in a ‘beer chair’?

Michigan designer makes a ‘beer chair’

Matt Thompson is an ordinary woodworking professional from Michigan, US. But thanks to the power of social media, his do-it-yourself projects have been seen by hundreds of millions of people around the world.

“I make things that are pretty crazy, impractical, over the top, I think,” Thompson told Insider magazine. His creations include the Michigan Beer Chair, Michigan Wine Chair, and an automatic dog petting machine – all three of which have gone viral.

The Michigan Beer Chair dispenses beer cans with the lift of a handle, which slide down a ramp for an easy grab. The cedar chair is easily re-stocked via a slot in the back and a door on the top opens for ice. A full drainage system stops the ice from spilling down the chute.

His wine chair is similar, but a bit more complicated. The Rube Goldberg style chair fills a wine glass using a series of pulleys, strings, and a lever. The dog petting contraption features wooden cogs that allow two wooden hands to pet.

“I think most people can relate to just chilling outside on a nice day,” Thompson was quoted as saying. “To have a chair that can serve you a beer, pour you a glass of wine, would just make it that much better.”