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No proven rules for success

No proven rules for success

The restrictions on guest seating and staff strength have brought the business down by 50%, but it has helped in improving the quality of our offerings and service. Since safety always comes first, we follow all mandated procedures of touchless technology, personal hygiene, disinfecting of premises and health checks.

Unfortunately, our industry has not received any support from the government or banking institutions, and we had to raise funds privately to keep ourselves afloat. This will bring down the confidence of investors and entrepreneur in the industry.

The circumstances have not majorly affected our procurement costs and product pricing. In fact, it has improved our relationship with our suppliers in terms of quality and delivery.

We may see normalcy coming back by February-March, 2021, and we hope to achieve break-even by the third quarter of 2021-22.

The most important lesson I have learnt from this disruption is that there are no proven rules for success or failure. Understanding and acceptance can only take us to a successful future.