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Proost69 introduces two more beers

Proost69 introduces two more beers

Delhi-based Grano69 Beverages recently launched two new variants of beer, the new Proost69 Weizen Beer, which is an infusion of citrus and fruity flavours with distinct notes of banana and mango. The new Proost69 Strong Lager aims to change the perception that strong beers are synonymous with bitterness, giving out instead a premium fresh taste.

Grano already has its Proost69 White Ale and Proost69 Mild Lager (Rs. 170 per pint and Rs 150 for a 500-ml can) in the market for more than a year. The unique and high quality, yet affordable and approachable beers, are suited to all palettes, and are already available in popular outlets like The Beer Café, The Lord of the Drinks, Warehouse Café, etc.

Co-founder and CEO of Proost69, Tarun Bhargava, grabbed the opportunity to bring in the infused with notes of vanilla and orange zest in the White Ale, a unique blend of wheat brewed together with a hint of coriander, keeping it fresh all day to beat the heat. Perfect for a sub-tropical country like India, the Mild Lager has been created with the expertise of German craftsmanship.