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Satiwa comes hemp-crafted to Goa

Satiwa comes hemp-crafted to Goa

Satiwa, a home-grown hemp craft gin, has become a fun new twist on the mundane gin in bars across Goa. Crafted with 100% pure organic hemp, along with carefully selected botanicals, it is distilled artfully to evoke the ever blissful sensation of being on a “happy high”.

The botanicals include juniper, hemp seeds, coriander, orange, cardamom, fennel seeds, cinnamon, black pepper, rose, lemongrass and angelica roots, sourced from a selected list of farms from across India.

On the nose it has aromas of citrus, pine and Himalayan juniper. Nuts and sweet fruits linger on the palate; and the finish is that of lemongrass and spice.

Bottled (750 ml) at 40% ABV, it retails for Rs 1,650 in Goa. Expect it to be launched in Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai soon.