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Seqer gin celebrates ‘susegad’!

Seqer gin celebrates ‘susegad’!

Spirit de Goa, the family-owned alcohol company that makes and markets whiskey, vodka, rum and brandy for export to Africa, and to other Indian states, has launched Seqer, its Gin brand offering. It is the latest gin to come out of Goa’s craft spirit revolution and embodies the susegad (quiet and laidback) feeling that emphasises its identity and reflects its roots.

The gin “celebrates” Goa with its unique ingredients and botanicals that include cashew, juniper, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and rosemary. Seqer is created in the family’s distillery at Raia (South Goa).

On the nose, Seqer has juniper, nutmeg and a hint of freshness from rosemary. On the palate, it is mild, herby, with notes of cardamom and an orange peel finish. The manufacturers recommend drinking it with tonic or soda, and a slice of orange; or ginger ale for a touch of sweetness.