Rasa heralds year-end celebrations

Sula heralds celebrations with R?s?

Keeping the festival season in mind, the winemakers at Rasa have crafted and released an extraordinary Rasa range. These are barrel-aged in the finest oaks for a divine experience.

The grapes used to make Rasa wines come from carefully selected vineyards, which are unique because of their optimum drainage, rich soil and perfect altitude.

Rasa Cabernet Sauvignon is a powerful, elegant and full-bodied reserve Cabernet. Aged in premium oak barrels for around a year and matured in bottle before release, this wine shows enticing notes of blackcurrant, spices and dark berries, supported by a beautiful structure and smooth tannins.

It retails for Rs 1,850 in Maharashtra and Rs 2,290 in Delhi. Suggested pairing: Seekh Kebabs, Kadai Paneer, Arrabiata pasta, Rogan Josh.

The delicious Rasa Syrah is blended with a traditional touch of Viognier to give it more suppleness. This reserve wine is rich, opulent and peppery, with charming flavours of blueberry and black olive.

This Syrah has been aged for about a year in premium oak barrels, bringing a subtle touch of oak and supple tannins. It sells for Rs 1,695 in Maharashtra and Rs 1,450 in Delhi. Suggested pairing: red curry, Nalli Nihari, Chicken/Paneer Tandoori Tikka.

Vivacious, plummy and smooth, Rasa Zinfandel is packed with gorgeous notes of raspberry, blueberry and licorice. Rich and luscious, Rasa Zinfandel has been aged close to a year in premium oak barrels, imparting subtle notes of coconut and vanilla.

It is priced at Rs 1,540 in Maharashtra and Rs 1,440 in Delhi. Suggested pairing: rich pasta (such as Bolognese), pork stew, meatballs, Paneer Makhani.