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Vault Home Bar Fest in February

Vault Home Bar Fest in February

The world’s first festival dedicated to showcasing hand-crafted and hand-picked spirits and fine spirits experiences, exclusively for home bars, is being launched at Jio Gardens, Mumbai, on 25 and 26 February, 2023.

This one-of-a-kind festival is dedicated to inspiring fine spirits enthusiasts interested in curating their personal home bar collections over 2 days of story-telling, tasting and food pairing experiences.

The Vault Home Bar Festival is hereon going to be a yearly destination, with an expected footfall of more than 2,500 guests next year.

Mr Keshav Prakash, Founder of The Vault and Chief Curator of the festival says that with ever more discerning drinkers, it isn’t a surprise that India is soon poised to be one of the world’s largest ‘at-home’ consumption markets for craft and fine spirits.

“More and more fine artisan spirits are making their way into intimate gatherings at homes. Even retail stores in India are now focused on creating in-store experiences to serve the unstoppable rise of fine spirits enthusiasts and their burgeoning demand for craft spirits,” he adds.

Visitor engagement

The festival will have four spaces of engagement wherein the brands will get to connect with the audience to heighten the sensory experience of a fine spirits explorer.

TASTE is where the distillers and brands get to interact with the visitors in a one-on-one engagement. Through tasting pours, the brands will get to share the history and story of the spirit, its personality and character, and enthral the visitors with their creations.

DISCOVER space features an immersive experience of what unfolds behind-the-scenes while creating a craft spirit, before it becomes a part of the bottle. This unique, multi-sensory space will be used by certain brands to design, execute and engage their audience.

LISTEN in a special theatre setting featuring 20-minute slots. Brands will get a curious audience to tell a story, or offer a master class, or an experience, which can inspire the audience to use what they learn here, to set up their own personal home bars.

INDULGE with chosen mixologists from the world’s best bars in creative expressions of their mixology. Exclusive and ticketed, the evening promises to turn up the electricity by a few notches for cocktail lovers.

Key takeaways

The visitor profile includes luxury and lifestyle brand seekers and influencers; Millennials seeking global experiences; well-travelled globalists exploring new experiences in craft spirits; connoisseurs keen to go into the finer details of the fine spirits; restaurant and bar owners; F&B managers, chefs and mixologists.

For exhibitors, the key takeaways would be interactions with a curated audience and key trade decision-makers; introduction of brand stories and offerings; brand positioning through authentic conversations; and strengthening the relationship with trade to boost business.

The 2019 edition of The Vault Biennale brought together 25 storytellers, 30 exhibitors (17 of them international) and 81 brands (whiskies, gins, rums and others). The show attracted 1,000 ticketed visitors, reached more than 166 million digital impressions, and saw the participation of three of the World’s 50 Best Bars: The Clumsies, Licorería Limantour and Benfiddich.

For more information, contact the Festival manager, Ms Devarsee Parekh at, or call +91-9820626823.