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Game for whisky shots?!

Are you game for whisky shots?

Favourite drink memory: Drinking Mezcal in Mexico.

Favourite Bar: The Aviary, New York City.

Favourite Wine/Spirit: Single Malt Whisky.

Favourite Cocktail: I’m not a cocktail person.

Best city to drink in: New York, because it has an amazing variety of alcohol and great drinking places.

Best bottle I’ve been given: A rare Chablis.

We need more women behind the bar because: They will organise the bar better and will work in more cost-effective ways.

Plastic straws are: A strict NO-NO!

My favourite bartender is someone who: can fix my drink the way I like it.

Whisky is for: All occasions!

My favourite bar accessory is: peg measure.

Favourite drinking game: Any game with whisky shots.