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‘Ashanti’ hitting Indian shores soon

Ashanti Rum hitting Indian shores soon

Launched at Vinexpo Wine Paris 2020, a multi-facetted spiced red rum is making its debut in Delhi, Gurugram, Mumbai and Goa soon. ‘Ashanti’ Rum is a uniquely crafted drink: an amalgamation of Guatemalan rum, Jamaican flower from Central Africa, ginger from India, and aged and bottled in Spain!

Introduced by Sebastien Hayaux du Tilly, Managing Partner at Caicedra Brand Solutions, this Latin flavoured African style rum will be launched in India by National Foods and Beverages.

It is aromatic and its taste lingers on in the mouth, with notes of toasted honey and vanilla. The flower of Jamaica is what grants that coppery tone, the freshness, citrus brushstrokes as well as its mentholated touches. It is a true mix of flavours and culture.