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Coravin assists in ‘wine-by-the-glass’

Coravin assists in ‘wine-by-the-glass’

Coravin, the premier global wine technology company, is revolutionising the way wine is consumed with the launch of Coravin Vinitas, designed to help businesses share preserved tastings of wine with a wider audience.

Designed for wineries, distributors, retailers and wine schools, Coravin Vinitas is a small-footprint device that conveniently transfers wine into smaller consumables with up to 12 months of preservation, as tested in-house by Coravin as well as with third-party labs.

Coravin Vinitas allows businesses an easier and more sustainable method to meet the growing consumer demand to taste before purchasing by enabling sample bottle production as needed. The on-site operation negates the need for fast consumption, maintains quality control, and reduces sample and shipping budgets.

“With Coravin Vinitas, companies, hospitality services, and trade can sample and fractionalise any bottle, any time, on-site, ensuring the highest quality experience for businesses and consumers, no more needlessly shipping full-size bottles where only a taste is needed,” says Greg Lambrecht, Coravin founder and inventor.

“During the early days of the pandemic, we spotted a gap in the market for this type of self-use fractionalisation.” said Chris Ladd, Coravin CEO. “Since then, we have continued to see the wine industry struggle to connect with a younger consumer audience who have far more options to choose from than previous generations. Coravin Vinitas addresses this need and is primed to change the way the world consumes wine.”

Coravin spent more than 18 months building and testing the Coravin Vinitas with wineries, retailers and wine schools around the world, including Napa Valley Wine Academy, Langton’s, Ceretto, Château Montelena, ONX, Alkina, Stéphane Derenoncourt of Domaine de l'A, Château Haut Bailly and many more. To learn more about Coravin Vinitas, visit