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Jagatjit launches Aristocrat hand sanitizer

Jagatjit launches Aristocrat hand sanitizer

Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures. It’s not business as usual, at Jagatjit Industries, maker of Aristocrat premium whisky.

However, during these difficult times, three of the company’s core values have served it well: It does more with less; it is creative and thinks out of the box; it is never too old to learn!

Overnight, Jagatjit has gone from manufacturing liquor to hand sanitizers. The company was driven by a higher purpose: to be human is its first call of duty.

Jagatjit has come out with two products, both with 70% alcohol, a much needed element to combat the new Coronavirus: Aristocrat and Humaste (an Ayurvedic formulation).

Both are currently available at stores and at Jagatjit Industries is also manufacturing 5-litre jerry cans for institutions and hospitals.

Home deliveries are on, and soon these products will be available on Flipkart and Amazon.