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New recyclable RingCycles technology

New recyclable packing for beer

Molson Coors, the first beverage company in North America to adopt the RingCycles solution, has set its sights on educating consumers on responsible plastic waste disposal. The technology contains more than 50% recycled content and requires 90% less non-renewable energy and 83% less water to make.

Introducing the RingCycles six-pack rings is the next step in Molson Coors’ commitment to ensuring at least 30% recycled content is incorporated in all of its consumer-facing plastic packaging. Notably, RingCycles can be sent back to Hi-Cone to be recycled and made into new products.

RingCycles emits 75% less green-house gas emissions than a similar product made of virgin plastic, the company states. Molson Coors’ pilot programme will be rolling out RingCycles six-pack and eight-pack rings across Canada and the US in the coming months.