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Plantation rum comes ashore

Plantation rum comes ashore

Plantation rum will soon be widely available across India with the French artisanal brand introducing 3 Stars and Original Dark variants. Third Eye Distillery (of Stranger & Sons gin fame) has already put the rums on the shelves in Mumbai and Goa. Next in line for the launch are Maharashtra, Delhi and Bengaluru.

The rums have been recipients of various international awards.

The two varieties under the ‘Bar Classic’ range are double-aged via two climates and varieties of oak double matured in the great terroirs of tropical Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad, and are suited for Daiquiris.

Plantation 3 Stars (ABV 41.2%) is a suave blend of aged and un-aged rums from the three primary terroirs. While Barbados delivers a rich and balanced palate, Trinidad adds finesse, and Jamaica provides an emphatic structure.

Plantation Original Dark (ABV 40%) is initially aged in the tropical regions of Barbados and Jamaica; then its taste is further enhanced by double-aging in the wooden barrels of France.

Notes of plum, banana, and vanilla, spiced with a hint of cinnamon and clove, make Plantation Original Dark an ideal companion for cocktails.

Plantation and Third Eye Distillery will also launch Pineapple Stiggins, Xaymaca, 20th Anniversary, Barbados 5YO and Isle of Fiji variants later in the year across various markets.