The Rum Summit: an unprecedented event!

The Rum Summit: an unprecedented event! The Palais Brongniart, the venue, is a nearly-200-year-old building, and one of the leading congress and event centers in Paris. It has an impressive 4,000 square-metres of space and hosts more than 400 events each year.

From February 13th to 15th, 2024, join us at the Palais Brongniart (Paris) for a unique, innovative and global experience dedicated to the entire Rum ecosystem.

The Rum Summit, the first event of this magnitude, has the mission to promote and develop the entire Rum ecosystem. This unique event will highlight innovation and business opportunities for all players in the industry of Rum.

This exceptional gathering brings together all stakeholders of the Rum industry, whether they are international institutional or private actors. Over 1,000 guests, representing 22 distinct delegations, are expected for this grand gathering.

Do not miss this opportunity to dive into the heart of the Rum ecosystem and participate in this unprecedented global event which makes Paris the global capital of Rum.

Four Essential Pillars
Listen to the experts, meet international delegations from around the world. Discover the four essential pillars that make The Rum Summit, an innovative event dedicated to the Rum Ecosystem. Each of these pillars consists of specific conferences, offering an enriching experience for all participants:

  • Public Policy: The Rum Summit aims to position “humans” at the center, in the service of an ecosystem that can only fulfil its promises of success. No government or institution is mistaken, and everyone understands the economic and societal challenges of this growing market for decades to come.
  • Business Opportunities: This pillar focuses on economic opportunities in the world of Rum. With the implementation of production standards, controls, and logistics, the Rum industry can become part of a comprehensive response that will enable it to claim a leading position in the world of spirits.
  • Innovation Sphere: This pillar explores the environmental and technological aspects of the sector. Without innovation, there can be no progress. The very essence of The Rum Summit is to bring together all actors in this ecosystem to allow a sharing of reflections and the implementation of actions for its future.
    How to ensure the recurrence of rum quality through molecular chemistry? What about the use of new technologies in a fundamentally sensory sector? What to think of the arrival of artificial intelligence and circular economy in the industry? What packaging solutions for a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach?
    The future of rum is played out at The Rum Summit. Innovation is an integral part of the The Rum Summit program as it is a significant lever for the longevity and adaptability of any industry wishing to endure. Many challenges inherent in our era (sustainable development, for example) will be solved by relying on opportunities created through innovation.
  • Education & Careers: Led by the International Center for Spirits, this pillar aims to introduce young people to the career opportunities offered by the world of Rum. Youth is one of the priorities of The Rum Summit.

There is a need to raise awareness among the younger generations on existing training and career opportunities in the world of rum. The first edition of this international summit will be a forum for questioning but above all remediation around the lack of visibility on this ecosystem as a workplace.

What is the implementation of various opportunities in this ecosystem? What training exists? What development paths for new diploma courses? How to valorize agricultural education circuits? By what means can all types of qualified profiles integrate into the rum sector and, of course, more generally into this ecosystem?

Rich And Diverse Program
The Rum Summit is an event that celebrates the diversity and essence of the Rum industry through various unique experiences.

  • Conferences: Let’s discover together how professionals, experts in their field, become agents of change, bringing unique insights and invaluable support to their causes through their knowledge and experiences.
  • Bar experience: The Rum Summit is not limited to tastings and conferences but also highlights the art of mixology. Talented bartenders take center stage, creating innovative cocktails, pushing the boundaries of mixology. Participants, while tasting these creations, will learn more about mixology techniques and discover the invaluable potential of rum.
  • Art: From earth to spirit. Art and rum are two cultural expressions that can intersect and reinforce each other, contributing to a rich and diverse experience for rum enthusiasts and art lovers. You can enjoy the exhibition gallery and performances by international artists.
  • Gala dinner: This evening will be a true ode to elegance, exquisite gastronomy, and culture. A sumptuous setting is reserved for you where food and rums will offer a suspended time.
  • 7th art: Let’s discover this spirit differently when cinema highlights the actors of the Rum Ecosystem. Explore during this cinematic journey another facet leading to this universal drink.
  • Concert: Music, and especially Jazz, is an essential element of Rum culture. Jazz tells stories, evokes emotions, and brings people together. The Rum Summit celebrates the connection between music and rum, two arts that transcend cultural boundaries.
  • Face-to-face: You will have the opportunity to explore products, projects, and ideas in detail while establishing authentic connections with professionals from the Rum Ecosystem. Take advantage of this privileged moment for knowledge exchange, potential collaborations, and partnership opportunities.
  • G20: Join the G20 of Rum to shape a better future for the Rum Ecosystem. Do not let this unique opportunity slip away: your voice matters! A revolutionary edition in the landscape of summits and trade shows, just like The Rum Summit.
  • International buyers: Coming from the four corners of the world, meet key buyers. The presence of international buyers at The Rum Summit is a unique opportunity. For coopers, it is an opportunity to present high-quality barrels, while bottlers can offer innovative and personalized products. Designers can showcase their creations. These encounters will open exciting business doors.

Not To Be Missed!
You have before you a captivating program that is just waiting to be lived! Do not let this unique opportunity slip away. Be a key player in this exceptional ecosystem and become an ambassador of Rum.

It is simply unthinkable to miss this event. Be among those who write the history of Rum. Join the World of Rum 2024 and live an unforgettable experience.

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