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Blue Moon Gin makes a comeback

Blue Moon Gin makes a comeback

NV Group recently released the all-new avatar of the 21-year-old Blue Moon Gin, which features high-quality natural Italian sun-dried juniper berry extract, coriander seeds, angelica, lemon and caraway.

Made in column stills from rice grain, Blue Moon Gin is produced at the group’s zero-carbon-footprint facility in Rajpura, in Patiala district of Punjab.

The updated recipe maintains a traditional juniper-forward base, which is enhanced with zesty citrus notes, and delicate botanical extracts. The result is a magical spirit reminiscent of the original Blue Moon, celebrating wild nights everywhere.

The gin (750-ml bottle at 42.8% ABV) retails at Rs 1,300 in Delhi, Rs 1,800 in Maharashtra and Rs 1,100 in Goa. It is also available in 375-ml and 180-ml packs.