A single malt from the Himalayas

Kamet: A single malt from the Himalayas

Peak Distilleries, which marked its debut with the premium Gin Jinjiji, has now forayed into the dynamic Indian liquor market with its premium single malt whiskey.

Named after one of the highest peaks in India, Mt. Kamet, this whiskey is distilled using six-row barley grown in the foothills of the Himalayas. The single malt is aged in a combination of ex-American Bourbon oak, ex-French wine oak and ex-sherry casks.

The single malt delivers vinous fruity profile with oak spice-forward notes, complimented with vanilla, caramel and subtle raisins, nutty and sweet dark chocolate on top notes.

It has a lively entry with vinous fruitiness and vibrant spice, vanilla notes that exhibit a melted concoction of fresh and dried fruit notes, with subtle hints of oak, vanilla, spice and dark chocolate linger in its depths.

The long, warm and complex nutty finish is balanced with dry and sherry sweetness lingering on the palate. Oak spice and tannins provide added zest.

Kamet is the result of a unique collaboration between a duet of two legendary master blenders: Surrinder Kumar – ‘Father of Indian single malt’ and master blender with Amrut Distilleries for more than 30 years – and Nancy Fraley, Director of American Distilling Institute and a popular whiskey blenders in the US.

Kamet is available across India for Rs. 2,699 (approximately – prices differ across states) for a 700-ml bottle (46% ABV).